Welcome to the Fringe!

We’re a multi-day performing arts festival in the heart of Sugar House, where artists from Salt Lake City and beyond come together to tell their stories.

What’s a Fringe, anyway?

Since the founding of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1947 – now the largest arts festival in the world – the idea of performing arts festivals dedicated to groundbreaking, original works, and not to established canon and conventions, has spread across the globe to connect innovative artists with eager audiences at hundreds of fringe festivals worldwide.

The Great Salt Lake Fringe is uncensored, unadjudicated, and unrestricted. Artists hold the power, and have the opportunity to create the art that matters to them.

Our Story

The idea for the Great Salt Lake Fringe was born when Nina and Michael Vought, professors of theatre at Westminster College, stumbled upon the New Orleans Fringe Festival and were captivated by the array of unique performances they saw there. They pitched the idea of a fringe festival in Salt Lake City to a group of students and alumni of Westminster, who ran with the Fringe spirit and, under the mentorship of the Voughts, produced the inaugural Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival in August 2015. 

After a successful first year, with a festival that included 29 shows, an art gallery, a concert series, and over 100 performances, the Fringe team decided to go bigger for the second festival. In 2016, the length of the Fringe was doubled (from 4 to 8 days) and the number of artists increased to 50. The Fringe audience grew as well, and the festival began to make a name for itself as one of the most exciting theatrical events in Utah. 

To date, the Great Salt Lake Fringe has paid out over $50,000 to 300+ artists, employed 100+ young people as staff and volunteers, and presented the world premieres of 50+ original productions.

Our Goals

We will…

grow opportunities for artists by

  • Providing accessible and affordable performance spaces
  • Encouraging the development of original works
  • Rewarding artists with compensation
  • Inspiring creativity and collaboration

cultivate arts in the community by

  • Making the performing arts accessible
  • Creating affordable entertainment
  • Fostering an artistic environment of acceptance and diversity

support local business in Salt Lake City by

  • Encouraging audiences and artists to frequent local businesses
  • Building a network of local businesses and the arts
  • Contributing to the local economy